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Arbitrate Telegram Bot

  1. Subscribe to Arbitrage Telegram Bot
  2. Start Getting Arbitrage Opportunities
  3. Make Crypto!


There Can I Found Arbitrage Telegram Bot?

Bot is available by the link -> CLICK HERE.

Just send “/start” command to begin interaction.

How Many Day Average Opportunities Are There Per Day?

You can day-trade whenever there is an opportunity in the market. This may mean it can be the middle of the night or randomly throughout the day. But it is maybe more profitable not to catch each opportunity but waiting for the big ones.

Do the Bot Has some kind of the PRO Version?

Yes, Crypto Arbitrage Bot has a lot of features that aren’t available in the fee version. Start dialog with bot and click on “PRO” button.

What features?

  • More crypto exchanges (i.e DEX’s)
  • DIfferent filters: by volume, price and tickers
  • Intelligent Market Depth Analysis

What are my Requirements?

To interact with Telegram bot you have to install Telegram. That’s it.

And to realize opportunities you have to register on the multiply exchanges (more -> better). For example on binance, kucoin, bitfinex e.t.c

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